1820 Clips 白俄羅斯

Chef adds salt to the dish, cooking in slow motion, falling liquid in 240 frames per second, cooking food

Tuna fishes swim in blue water near the old ship's wreckage, fishes in blue sea, ocean life under water, school of fishes


Online chart of bitcoin currency, finance trends, crypto currecy exchange and e-commerce, state of the financial market

Ginger is sliced by sharp knife on the rock board, slices of fresh ginger, vegetables and vitamins, vegetarian diet, making of vitamin drink against illness

Chef squeezes out the lemon juice in slow motion, 240 frames per second, fruit juice, slow motiond food video


Young pretty woman applies face cream on her cheekbones, applying cream in circular motions, skin care, natural cosmetics, face care

Housewife breaks the cloves of garlic, spicy food, vitamins and useful materials, diet and healthy, spices for meat, home cooking, at the kitchen

Chef shreds garlic on the wooden board near the grill's fire, makin the salad, vegetable meal, vitamins in daily food, cooking outdoors

Woman washes her hair with shampoo in the shower with, hair care, ceratin mask, rinse shampoo and balm, strong hair, washing hair

The cook cuts salmon fillet, chef prepares fish for cooking, dishes with fish, diet and healthy food

Hot grill is smoking in slow motion, 240 frames per second, smoke in slow motion video

Anemons on the rock reef underwater,underwater sea plants and organisms, colorful water world, corall reef, underwater species diversity

Clothes is washing in the washer with a lot of foam, in the laundry, washday, using the washer

Fresh vegetables from kitchen-garden on the table, raw and healthy food, vegetarian food

The cook makes vegetable salad with cabbage and carrot, vegetarian meal, fresh food and vitamins, healthy food, greens and salad, cooking food

Chef squeezes out lemon juice to the bowl for cooking sauce, fruit juice, making sauce, food cooking outdoors, vegetarian meal

Hot black tea is poured to the glass cup, vitamin tea with lemon, ginger and honey, drink against sickness, hot drinks

Edison lamp is glowing, electric bulb, turning the lights on, electric light, incandescent lamp, hot spiral of tungsten bulb

Flame and fire in the grill, barbecue in the sunny summer day, cooking on the open fire, preparings for bbq, flame is burning

Chef adds salt to the cooked meal in slow motion, spoon and salt, spices to the meal, cooking at the kitchen

Chef adds pepper to the roasting beef steak, smoke and fire, grilled meat, slow motion 240 frames per second


Chef squeezes out lemon juice to the bowl for cooking sauce, fruit juice, making sauce, food cooking outdoors, vegetarian meal

Hot boiled potatoes on the kitchen board, hot steam, boiled vegetables, dish with potatoe, cooking food

Man in gray pullover works with his notebook, man's hands type on the keyboard, man uses notebook, close up of hands with notebook, searching the internet, social media, e-commerce and buisness

The cook turns on the stove, hot pan, friyng and grilling, roasted food, cooking food, chef at the kitchen, cooking videos

Woman slices banana on a board, housewife is cooking fruit salad, healthy food for kids at home, fruits and vegetables in the kitchen

Artist paints an oil painting with specific technique in a studio, painter at work close up, creator makes piece of art, brushes and paints

Man washes his hair with shampoo in the shower, hair care, ceratin mask, rinse shampoo and balm, strong hair, washing hair

The cook makes vegetable dish with onion fried in balsamic vinegar and adds spinach

The cook slices carrot, vegetarian dishes, chef peels and slices vegetables, healthy food, diet meal

Baker presses cream on cupcakes, housewife bakes, cooking in the kitchen

The cook slices garlic on the wooden board by sharp knife outside, cooking outside, cooking healthy food, summer meals

Crispy pieces of tasty bacon is fried on the hot pan, hot boiling fat, cooking meat, meals with meat, bacon for breakfast, pork's meat

Chef cooks broccoli, vegetable meals and dishes, diet food, proper nutrition, healthy cooking

Striped fishes swim around rock reef under deep blue water, school of fish in the deep of the sea, blue waters, corals and reefs

Office workers use computer, architects at work, 3d modelling, project of building, designing of the houses


Chef washes green pea for vegetable ragout cooking, housewife cooks vegetables, woman makes vegetable salad, fresh and healthy food from kitchen-garden

The cook makes paella on the open fire in the big hot pan, grill anf barbecue, spanish food, paella with seafood, food cooking outdoors

Painter draws by pencil, designer draws the draught, woman draws lines, architect begins to draw the project on paper

Golden carps and white catfishes swimming around in underwater dark, fishes in the nature habitat, fish in the river waters, underwater world

The cook rips off the fresh thyme for spicing the dish, fresh greens from own garden, cooking outdoors, spicy food and meals

Woman holds her dry brittle hair in a hand, hair care, shampoo and cosmetics for strong hair, brittle tips

Cherry tomatoes at the kitchen

The cook adds sunflower oil to the bowl, making of mayonnaise, olive oil, natural ingredients, healthy food

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